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The P.A.C.K.

Training & Coaching for Prosperous, Awake, Committed & Kind Creators

The P.A.C.K. is a group TRAINING for business owners.

This is your year of growth!

Membership fee: $1500 (or) $995

The 2021 P.A.C.K. begins on August 6th. UPDATE: The 2021 Group is Now CLOSED


Team up with a community of great people (who also happen to own great businesses) for twelve weeks of exponential growth. New & seasoned entrepreneurs alike are welcome.


Enjoy being trained by a coach who regularly helps clients increase their business profits and successes by 25%-500%, within a single year. Even during a year marked by pandemic, leverage change to achieve more.


This program teaches you to define your goals, inspires you to take action, and empowers you to achieve results. Learn to keep your power instead of giving it away, so that success becomes routine rather than occasional.


Learn progressive business values, to expand well being & open new doors. There's no need to rely on old advice when the new world offers simpler, more meaningful possibility. See what it feels like to work in a dimension of depth, rather than taking your business circumstances at face value.

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Welcome to the P.A.C.K.

I put together this training because, many times in my journey as a business owner and writer, I lacked critical support.

Had I found an opportunity like the P.A.C.K. earlier on in my entrepreneurial career, I would have saved myself a number of unhappy mistakes and setbacks. I longed for a community of people just like me, who were willing to set and achieve BIG goals, while being conscious, joyous, & kind.

I wanted it… so I built it. Welcome to the Tree of Life P.A.C.K.!

Weekly trainings, challenges, and accountability partnerships, will ensure that our time together is dynamic and effective.


I hope you’ll join us!

The Tree of Life P.A.C.K. experience includes:

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Learn to develop inborn “superpowers” that boost your progress & create influence and opportunity. Overcome a “hard work” mindset & access flow experiences instead.

Trainings will be recorded. Members can enjoy it in flexible timing.

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Amplify 2021 by joining us mid-year and achieving more clarity, progress, and success than you did on your own. Being together lets you consider new perspectives and get away from limiting ideas & habits.

Find joy in what you do & change your life.

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Join from anywhere in the world; this training is conducted virtually to ensure we spend valuable time together while you are hands-on with your business.

Our platforms are simple & user friendly. The P.A.C.K. connects via video and teleconference. Trainings are conveniently sent right to your email.

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A training like this requires commitment. You will be held accountable to stick to the process. Be eager and open to the possibility of rapid positive change just by showing up. Yet, if something does happen that distracts you for a week or two, just jump back in when you’re ready. 

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Receive amazing tools and templates to help you BUILD your success. These tools and templates are pulled directly from Amisha’s own success practices and the ones she teaches her one-on-one coaching clients. Use the ones you love!

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Words cannot express the value of community for self-employed or creative people. The path of entrepreneurship can get lonely, even if it IS successful and enriching! Stick close to one another, meet great friends you never knew before, and find a team who really cares.

Ready to Join Us?

The enrollment period is between July 1st and July 26th.
The fee for this training is $995. Late registration between July 27th and August 6th is $1500.
Meer Janjua
Meer JanjuaDoctor | Queensland, Australia
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The PACK is definitely a MUST Do program. The care, concern and support that we received during these past months from Amisha have been life changing. The program was beautifully curated and customized to each individual. We shared impactful stories, empowered each other’s journeys with a never ending feeling connectedness. The program helped me to be more diligent, focused and productive both in business and in my personal life. I am truly honoured and grateful to Amisha and the group for all the love, inspiration and support. Thank you so much for making me feel at home. XO
Reed Lewis
Reed LewisOwner of LYSS, Daly Bottle Shop, & Grain Fine Food​ | Colorado, USA
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This program has been the catalyst which has re-kickstarted my life. Who knew in my mid-40s I would leap out of my comfort zone (a special thanks to my partner, Jenny!) and take actions that would introduce me to an endless network of support for my next venture. I've lost count, but have become friends with 80-100 new people in the last 4 months and have seen infinite, limitless growth from myself and these folks in an insanely short amount of time. And this is just the beginning. Thank you Amisha and the P.A.C.K. for opening my heart and mind to allow these opportunities to flow toward and into my life. Much love to you all and continued positive energy to all you endeavor to believe and accomplish. It can be easy and can continue forever!
Cindy Key
Cindy KeyReal Estate Investor & Executive Coach | Kentucky, USA
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Working with Amisha and being a part of the P.A.C.K. allowed me to see how I could step beyond a very small vision and leverage my experience and the experience of my spouse to begin to take a small business unit we started 25 years ago with a single goal (just a steady producing unit), to help us start something new, with a bigger focus and chance for a big impact not just as a business but to help solve a common community problem of affordable housing. We are only in the first stages and it will take several years for this to grow and when it does the impact may cross several states.
Angelique Velez
Angelique VelezCEO of Breakups to Makeup | New York, USA
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The P.A.C.K. was an experience like no other for me. I had the opportunity to not only connect with an amazing individual like Amisha, who has the unique ability to always put me at ease, but I was able to find a community that I didn't even know existed. This community has helped to uplift me and reminded me to believe in myself and my business. I am now more transparent and open and I realize that I am not alone.
Sarah Turcone
Sarah TurconeFounder & Owner of Twirl Hair Studio | Rhode Island, USA
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Tree of Life is an inspirational way to keep focus and grow your business exponentially. Every goal that I have set, Amisha has helped me attain. Tree of Life is an essential tool for any business or person wanting to get to the next level. It provides the motivation and accountability I believe we all need as business owners. Amisha is a gift that has changed my business and added value to my every day life.
Amy Payne
Amy PayneHolistic Health Expert | Nevada, USA
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Amisha is an amazing teacher, mentor and trainer. She is intuitive and has a unique way of approaching business. As soon as I learned about Amisha, I knew that I would work with her. I have grown so much from the short time we spent together. I can't wait to continue learning from her. She is truly a gift to anyone looking to approach business and life in a way that flows and feels really good!
Meghan Pearce
Meghan PearceCEO of Pearce Family Foundation​ | Arizona, USA
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Amisha has helped me define my focus and believe in myself both professionally and personally. Knowing that following my gut will always lead me to the right path is a gift I wish I would have known about years ago. I do not know where I would be without her pushing me to dig deep and to trust my intuition. Thank you for allowing me to speak my mind and de-clutter my life so I can be the best me there is!

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