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The Tree of Life Success Series helps extraordinary individuals amplify their passion and productivity to achieve more, work less, and live a meaningful life.

We work exclusively with visionaries, entrepreneurs, creators, high achievers, innovators, & thought leaders.

The Tree of Life teachings are derived from traditions rooted in ancient philosophy and wisdom.  They have always worked and far beyond your time with us, they always will. Our approach is a modern take on these methods that better suit our contemporary lives. What you’ll find are processes that promote simplicity and growth while encouraging enjoyment and empowerment.

You have made huge strides before, but never so quickly and easily as the ones you’ll make with us.


Current Programs


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Learn how to have up to 100x more success, happily & easily, by applying several of Tree of Life’s foundational concepts right away

Business P.A.C.K.
For Prosperous, Awake,
Committed & Kind Creators

Join a wolf pack of great people (who also happen to have great businesses, ambitions, or creative talents) for 12 weeks of exponential growth. 



Tree of Life's Wisdom Alliance

Transform yourself with Tree of Life’s Wisdom Alliance. Get the very best transformational guidance through a small group coaching program designed to accelerate personal and professional growth easily, joyously, and powerfully.

Star Circle


For Seasoned Entrepreneurs

The Star Circle is an exclusive VIP inner circle business coaching group for inspired & big-hearted people who are ready to create the impossible. 



Convert Passion to Profit

Self-employed coaches, consultants, teachers, & trainers are invited to access Tree of Life secrets to use for their own business success. 



For Big Leaps

Work directly with Amisha for an entire year to learn what you’re truly capable of in career, life, play, and beyond.

Meet the Founder

The Tree of Life Success Series was created by Amisha Patel M.F.A.

Founder of the Tree of Life Success Series & Tree of Life Coaching & Consulting, Amisha is a teacher and writer with a passion for non-linear approaches to problem solving. She is a pragmatic and experienced coach and consultant, yet unique to her is an ability to feel and sense those things that might be impediments to, or catapults for, client success. Her listening, intuitive, and perceptive qualities are unparalleled. Formerly a Professor, Amisha left academic life to explore wisdom practices that boost entrepreneurial projects, personal enjoyment, creativity, and leadership. The Tree of Life Success Series presents Amisha’s tried-and-true methodology in ways that maximize accessibility for a wide range of professionals and self starters.

Tree of Life Stories

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are amazing.

Check out their experience working with Tree of Life’s founder.

The Secret of FLOW

How to Have Up to 100x More Success, Happily & Easily
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