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The Freedom Project

Spreading freedom to coaches, teachers, trainers, & consultants

so they can do more of what they love
& none of what they don't.

THE FREEDOM PROJECT is a low-tech, high-enjoyment approach to business building, allowing coaches to focus on natural expansion rather than on inauthentic sales and marketing tactics.
Begin with a free webinar, IF THE BUDDHA TAUGHT MARKETING, then join us for a special MASTERMIND to amplify your business and achieve your dreams.

Step 1: Watch the Webinar

In this video, you'll get:

  • Clarity and inspiration to gain your next client right away, and a process to double your income within the year 
  • The best way to generate more coaching clients and make an impact, without high tech marketing
  • Strategy ideas that leverage your excellence as a coach and limit time spent on sales 
  • Timeless skills for business growth that outlast any marketing trends 
  • The un-teachable secrets of natural born entrepreneurs; once you incorporate these traits, you will never be discouraged again

Step 2: Discover the Course

The Freedom Project

The Course

March 11th, 2024

A Mastermind Group
for Coaches, Consultants, Teachers, & Trainers

who want to minimize marketing & maximize impact.

If you've watched the webinar and are interested to learn more about the course, make an appointment for a FREE consultation and receive a partial scholarship for our next session.

The Basis of The Freedom Project is Simplicity & Ease.

The Course includes:

Powerful lessons that teach you what it takes to sustain business growth in the long-term.

Q&A sessions in an intimate group atmosphere, ensuring you are clear before you take action.

Expert guidance about how your unique take on coaching can be optimized, right away.

Tools and templates that allow for step-by-step planning, stress-free organization, and unlimited progress.

Surprise Bonuses

Everyone who joins will be given gifts. Over a $500 value.

In just sixteen weeks, you can detox struggle & start with a practical, elegant approach that seemingly builds your business for you.

And, you'll get to work with Amisha directly.

Amisha in a word: GRATITUDE. It is so rare to come across a person like Amisha. I gravitated toward her instantly and I'm never letting go! There are two things people talk about on their death bed: Relationships and contributions. With Amisha, one leads to the other! A partnership with her means you will expertly build your dreams. Being an entrepreneur is scary, vulnerable, and overwhelming...but not when Amisha is in your corner. I have never felt so supported in my life. She has imbued in me not only the the confidence and courage to launch my business, but also shares the intricate, effective how-tos to grow and find success! This is invaluable. Where to start, what to do. She breaks everything down into steps I can handily execute and accomplish. Beyond a business guru, she is an absolute joy to be around. Ergo: grateful.
My experience working with Amisha has been an absolute game-changer, and deeply transformational on so many levels, beyond the initial reasons I hired her. She has helped to connect me to my own personal power and resourcefulness, as well as deeper levels of love, connection, service, compassion, joy and fulfillment, that has spilled over into my business in ways I never could have imagined, not to mention my personal life, too. Just to give you an idea, my income is on track to double this year from last year, and I've been able to step up and out in the way that I've always wanted to in my career. I had more of an internal nudge, a recognition that I would greatly benefit from working with Amisha at this time, more so than it being a logical decision, and I am so grateful I listened to that nudge; the evidence of that instinct came right away, too! If you're in a similar position, I encourage you to go for it. I am convinced that working with Amisha will only enhance and improve your experience of business and life, and in really significant ways.

Step 3: Schedule Your Call

Get advice that's just for you.

Save yourself three years in thirty minutes. If you’ve completed the webinar and recognized that you are exactly the kind of person Amisha can assist, you’re invited to speak with her directly. This is her gift to those who offer themselves, heart & soul, to the betterment of humanity.



begins on

February 1st, 2024 | Meetings will be held every other week on Thursdays at 12pm EST


We accept exceptional coaches, teachers, and consultants who are ready to build their dream business.


Receive valuable strategic advice to set a foundation for exponential growth and incredible freedom.


Design and implement business ideas that achieve ideal results without pressure to learn complicated marketing, advertising, or enrollment schemes.


Work directly with Amisha and other extraordinary coaches, teachers, and consultants to preserve your commitment to the things that make you you.

Members of The Course will learn secrets of the Tree of Life coaching, consulting, and education platforms to help boost business & help more clients than ever before.

The Freedom Project was designed for passionate coaches, whether or not they enjoy marketing and sales. For those who do have a substantial marketing platform, please be assured that this is not an anti-marketing course. It’s the non-linear work of connection that can improve your marketing results dramatically. And, for those who aren’t so keen on marketing, you will be relieved that there’s another solution for business growth – one that’s good for both you, the business owner, and your wonderful prospective customers.

You are not the only one that feels the way you do.

There are themes in the experience of exceptional coaches that I have witnessed many, many times. There’s nothing to be ashamed of, and nothing to hide. The Course is a space for variety and diversity; whether you are an accredited, formally trained coach, or whether you are a self-starter that built your business in an inspired way, you will be welcome and appreciated.

Typically, we accept seasoned coaches with lucrative practices who are ready to double their income, but we do occasionally accept highly motivated newer coaches, teachers, and consultants to join us.

If you have questions about the Course, email treeoflifesuccess@gmail.com with a brief introduction and your query. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you rise to the next level.

Debbee Radcliff
Debbee RadcliffFounder | Creatigo
Read More
Amisha at Tree of Life is a jewel! Her ability to work with me and my business to be all that it can be and more was invaluable to me! She honored my passion and concerns regarding my business with compassion. Amisha knows when to support and when to challenge you. Words fail me in expressing my gratitude for Amisha.​
Ephraim Mallery
Ephraim MalleryFounder | You've Got Joy
Read More
What I learned from Amisha changed my life. Her lessons open up and guide you in, each step unfolding after another, flowing from intention to knowing that the visions I have of distant abundant future are suddenly within reach. This is the stuff of magic, of desire made real, of becoming who I am by simply flowing into it. I'll be following this process for the rest of my life.​
Gina Garris
Gina GarrisBliss Coach
Read More
Amisha gave me the gift of creating my reality bigger than I thought possible, without the "normal" push or effort.....and was adamant that I show up as authentically ME!!! She is brilliant. The program was life-changing! Don't hesitate to join!
Annie Kuensting
Annie KuenstingFounder, CEO | Beacon Empowerment Strategies
Read More
Working with Amisha has transformed me and thusly, transformed my life and business. Amisha has an uncanny ability to hear at such a deep level and respond with such profound love and wisdom your whole beingness shifts from time spent together. She’s curious in ways that allow a person to be vulnerable and honest without fear. She holds space like no other.
My business has grown over 200% in the 10 months I’ve worked with her. That’s incredible. I have learned and developed ways of building my business that truly align with me allowing me to enjoy the usually overwhelming process of creating a business and becoming an entrepreneur. I trust Amisha implicitly. Her guidance and wisdom has never steered me wrong. She’s a joy to work with and reminds me of the beauty of humanity.
Dave Ursillo
Dave UrsilloFounder | Unavoidable Writing
Read More
Amisha's business coaching is compassion and intuition in action. Her presence is always joyful, super encouraging, and thoroughly supportive. Amisha has helped me create new and profitable service offerings while guiding me to develop a deeper mindset of service and abundance that I have always craved from my business-of-one. I've never been in better shape to create and serve from my innermost values, and you can trust that Amisha will help you do the same.
Laura Liddle
Laura LiddleGluten Free Coach
Read More
Amisha has been an amazing support system for myself and my gluten free coaching business. She has helped me grow and has inspired me to bring forth my light, talents and gifts. I am truly blessed to have worked with her. She is an amazing coach, guide and mentor. I am very grateful to have her in my life!

Begin this self-study mentorship and learn how to master your coaching business. This stress-free system helps coaches at all levels and stages exponentially increase profits, freedom, and happiness. Create a blueprint that helps you double your business in ten hours a week.

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