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Change happens as a result of inner work, not just outer work. The forces of nature teach us how to align with ourselves and get out of our own way. When people who are visionary, creative, and authentic commit to their life’s passion, they can move mountains. And so the story has been, throughout the course of history, and now it’s your turn to make a difference.

My name is Amisha Patel. Formerly a professor, my background is in philosophy and creative writing. The outcome of my work in academia was the sense that wisdom is a resource in many spaces of influence, far beyond universities. I now help creators, leaders, public figures, and entrepreneurs improve their clarity, better themselves, and make an impact.

EVOLVE | Hollywood is industry specific. It is a group training that allows actresses, actors, directors, producers, editors, writers, comedians, agents, managers, entertainment attorneys – and anyone else who brings stories to life – learn ways of viewing their work as distinct, unique, sensible, and doable. I’ll present strategies and tools in every session, and leave time for Q&A to further illuminate the usefulness of what we are learning. 

Two sessions in early December, and three in mid-January, will allow you to end the year with discernment and begin the new year with power. A bonus sixth session will be taught at the end of January by one of my partners, a brain training expert, who will teach simple methods to overcome blocks in productivity and focus. 

In light of the recent strikes, I’m providing a scholarship of $1,250 for anyone who wants to participate. It’s my gift to you. Use the code FRIEND2023 when you register and your total fee will be $500 for the training. To preserve a high quality group, this is a hidden event. It is accessible only to those on the Tree of Life mailing list, by personal invitation, or by referral. You’re welcome to share with likeminded friends and colleagues.

You don't have to settle. Whether it's your first time joining EVOLVE, or whether you've attended in the past, I'd love to support you in entering a new chapter.

EVOLVE cultivates

& Growth
 Surrender & Center
(How to get unstuck)
Discern when to act and when to wait to maximize positive outcomes.
Love vs Fear
(How to get into flow)
Learn how to access the magic of life, even during uncertain times.
 Fate & Free Will 
(How things happen)
It’s easier to shape your path if you understand the mechanics of life’s unfoldment.
Passion & Compassion
(How to increase power)
Our capacity expands when we connect to our hearts.
 Responsibility vs Desire
(How to know what’s next)
Goal setting is an art; learn how to best set and achieve your dreams.
 Claiming your path
(Opening up to natural & frequent success)
Stability comes from within. Learn how to improve consistency and feel confident in the days ahead.


Monday December 4th & 11th
and January 8th, 15th, & 22nd at
12pm PST / 1pm MST / 2pm CST / 3pm EST / 8pm GMT
Join from anywhere. We meet via Zoom.

Praise & Love


Maturity, a willingness to be coached, and professional standing in the entertainment industry are the only requirements for new members of EVOLVE | Hollywood. We make an agreement not to share any group members’ names, stories, or information outside the group, not to solicit or spam, and we respect one another’s experience.

We have had members ages 25 through 81, from all over the country, and from abroad. Typically members enjoy learning and have some background with personal growth, coaching, or spiritual philosophy (positive mindset, meditation, law of attraction, yoga, etc).

This program helps with clarity and general wellbeing so it should be useful even if you’re just ironing out the small stuff.

EVOLVE is the signature group training of The Tree of Life Success Series. You can get a taste of Amisha’s methodology by following the links below:

The Secret of Flow (free audio workshop)

Interview: Alignment Happy Hour

Interview: Bootstrapping Your Dreams


In light of the recent strikes, everyone will receive a $1250 scholarship. Normally $1750, this training will be $500 after you apply the code FRIEND2023 during enrollment. You can register here.


Yes. Recordings will be provided and they always seem to resonate for absentee members. 

Yes. You can email me at amisha@MyTreeofLife.com  – if this program is not right for you, I am connected to some awesome resources and will make referrals. I should reply within 48 hours but sometimes I don’t receive emails. Alternative contact methods are mail@treeoflifesuccess.com or text/call 401-285-7307.

Please write “Questions about EVOLVE | Hollywood” in the Subject line.

December 4th & 11th and January 8th, 15th, & 22nd. There’s also a bonus meeting on January 29th. We will begin at noon PST/3pm EST and meet for about 75 minutes. We will meet via Zoom. 

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