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Why Are We Here?

LIVE MasterClass
about the purpose & meaning of life

for anyone who wants to achieve
massive success & happiness in 2023 and beyond.

Why Are We Here?

January 7th 2023

10am PST | 1pm EST | 6pm GMT

Join Amisha for a virtual two-hour MasterClass about the purpose & meaning of life, for anyone who wants to achieve massive success and happiness in the New Year.

Tickets are $50 each. 50% of the proceeds from the class will be donated to the Wildlife Conservation Society. Learn more about the MasterClass here.

Saturday, January 7th 2023

We meet virtually via Zoom at 10am PST
(1pm EST/6pm GMT).
The class is two hours long.

Come celebrate a fresh new year with Amisha Patel, founder and CEO of The Tree of Life Success Series. Learn why your life is unfolding the way that it is and how to interrupt or amplify the process, so that you can get the results you’re looking for.

 In order to access new levels of joy and achievement, you require meaningful awareness of your nature as a human being. In this two-hour class you will learn why what worked to create health, happiness, satisfying relationships, and plenty of money one or two years ago no longer works for us anymore, and you’ll be introduced to new systems that will give you the opportunity to thrive in the year 2023.

Participants will have a chance to ask questions during Q&A segments. This MasterClass will include concrete steps to bring what we learn into real world practice.

Seats are limited, so please enroll early to ensure your spot.

All are welcome.

Your Attendance will benefit the Wildlife Conservation Society.

50% of the proceeds of all ticket sales for this event will be donated to benefit programs that preserve wildlife and wild places.

A Special Master Class to Achieve Maximum Success & Happiness in the New Year

After years of coaching extraordinary people, it’s become clear to me that we are all more similar than we are different. Humanity has gone through many transitions and transformations; life today is completely different than it was a hundred or a thousand years ago. We tend to discuss the results of past civilizations and generations, without ever knowing what it felt like to be alive at that time. All we can know is what it’s like to be operating within our current social and emotional “currents”, many of which are shared rather than unique.

Because of the work I do, I have the advantage of witnessing these trends. There are patterns happening universally, but they can be hard for most people to see. Many of these patterns are so nuanced that they would be easy to miss, were I not exposed to them multiple times per week.

So, I am confident when I tell you: the rules for how to live a successful and happy life have changed. What we have always done will not work as it used to. It’s time to explore a new way, together.

Discover how to become recession-proof, simply by getting more honest with yourself. Learn about how family of origin relationships are changing, and why young people in your life are either extremely empowered or extremely vulnerable. Gain new awareness of addictive or compulsive behaviors and how to break free of them. These are just a few of the topics we will cover, but there is much more to share.

In this MasterClass, I will include concrete examples of these changing times and step-by-step directions on “how” to achieve more and feel better within the social and emotional currents of the day. Join us for an opportunity to reconnect to your heart and sense the courage to move mountains within you, so that in 2023, you can experience life in ways that you’ve never done before. There is more happiness, more contribution, more success, more love, more connection, more wealth, more impact, more ease, more health, more feeling and more creativity waiting. 

I invite you to a wonderful new beginning.

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Lexi Duddenhoeffer​
Lexi Duddenhoeffer​Holistic Health Coach (Atlanta, GA)
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When I began working with Amisha, my dream was to create more independence and personal wealth. I have since (in less than 3 months) changed jobs to a much better and more profitable situation, dissolved a bad relationship, and gained a home for myself and my children. COMFORTABLY! Amisha is enlightening and she has immense wisdom to share. I absolutely recommend working with her and joining into the communities of groups that are drawn to her.
Jonathan Mputu, Esq.
Jonathan Mputu, Esq.Attorney, WME-IMG Endeavor (Los Angeles, CA)
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The tools, skills, and techniques that Amisha teaches her clients to use are both easy to learn and instantaneously effective. I had more clarity about what I needed to do in order to make my goals more attainable, as well as the starting tools I needed to take the next step in achieving them. I’m excited for the opportunity to continue to work with Amisha in the future and recommend ALL people to use her services regardless of what your life goals are. ​
Manuj Aggarwal
Manuj AggarwalCEO of TetraNoodle Technologies (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
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When I first met Amisha - I thought she was a wizard. She has a unique ability to see things which are generally hidden for most people. Using these abilities - she can solve problems. Working with Amisha has been extremely rewarding and eye-opening. Through Amisha's advice, I've been able to get my head in the right place. I feel like there has been a profound change in my thinking.
Amy Nyberg, MBA
Amy Nyberg, MBASVP Ambulatory Services, Lehigh Valley Health Network (Allentown, PA)
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Amisha had enabled me to simultaneously increase my humility and confidence, and in a very practical way: my personal productivity has increased, I am a more effective leader, and I spend fewer hours working. And, I am able to focus more energy on my personal and professional dreams. Simply put, Amisha has helped me get unstuck faster and with more resilience than previous attempts. Anyone working in a large or small organization can benefit from her timeless wisdom and real - world approach.
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